Fashion film

Film Published!

Good afternoon all my makeup chickas!

So, following on from the images in the previous blog post here is the final finished outcome!!

I LOVE the result, and loved working with such a great team of creatives! 

Have a lil watch, you will not be dissapointed!! 



Love SLS 



Fashion Film

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working on a short fashion film in Glasgow with fashion stylist Terri Higgins, and also alongside the talented Martins Melecis - the man behind the lens!

Terri had the concept of “A love affair with beauty” and the short film being “a representation of the relationship between the clothes and the wearer”.

The makeup was to be a fresh summer look. I used some beautiful pastel shades to create three different looks on the day. Terri also had some great ideas to add! Again on this shoot, I had to play at being hairdresser – I must add with very few utensils, however it paid off in the end, and Madeleine our beautiful model looked FABALUS!

I was super impressed with Terri’s styling – the outfits she produced were BEAUT! This chick definitely knows how to rock up some amazing looks! Highly recommend her! You can check out her fierce styling here!

Between Martins and Craig Gibson on filming, and Calum Milligan creating still images – this project will be sure to blow you away!

You can also check out some of Martins amazing skills here!! 

Here’s a few sneak personal images from the day… 





Lotsa Love,



House of Black

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with David Black, designer at House of Black on his latest collection. Shooting a fashion film is something I have wanted to be involved in for a while so I was very much excited for the day ahead!!

The brief was to create a Lana Del Ray inspired makeup, subtle but striking. I was thrown in at the deep end, styling the hair which I haven't yet had to do on a shoot. However, the result was great! It helped working with such a good team. Model Mel Hamilton was such a lovely lil lady! Mel, David and I really got on well, shoots are so enjoyable when you have a good group of creatives all bouncing off each other!


This was a BTS shot I took before we set off on location!


You can find House of Black on Facebook here and on Tumblr here