Frequently Asked Questions

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics are also known as micropigmentation and semi-permanent cosmetics. It is a non-surgical procedure using specialised advanced tattooing methods.  However we do not infuse the pigment as deeply in the skin and therefore the enhancement will not have the permanency of a conventional tattoo.

Why Have Permanent Cosmetics for Brows?

Linda Evangelista, the supermodel, is quoted as saying “no-one is born with perfect eyebrows”. We all want to look the best we can, and by using the permanent cosmetics procedure we can easily and conveniently achieve this with little or no effort.

Will it hurt?

By using state of the art equipment and effective numbing agents discomfort is kept to a minimum. However as individuals we all have differing perceptions of discomfort and this should be borne in mind. Clients often describe it as scratchy, or itchy. Your comfort is paramount and every effort is made to keep discomfort to a minimum.

What is the healing period?

Generally between 4 – 7 days for most people. It is essential to follow your aftercare advice during this period to ensure the best possible result from your procedure.

How will I look following the procedure and will I be able to go out?

Following the procedure there may be mild redness, or swelling for a few days. The pigment applied to the brow will also appear darker possibly up to a week. However you may go out immediately, and there is no need to take time off work unless you would choose to do so.

How long will it last?

While the procedure is permanent, this is in the respect that it cannot be washed off or removed from the skin. It is considered semi-permanent as the pigment will fade over time. This will be due to many factors in the clients’ lifestyle, for example age, skin type, exposure to any form of UV light, medications etc. Clients are advised that the soft enhancements require refreshing every 12 – 15 months.

Will I be given advice on how to prepare both before and after the procedure?

Full pre-procedure advice and aftercare advice will be given in writing to ensure clients are fully aware of their responsibilities in preparing for and taking care of their emhancement.