The Treatment

Stacey specialises in creating bespoke permanent brows which will complement your face shape, accentuate your eyes and bring your face to life. Many clients find it creates the illusion of a youthful appearance.

Treatment will always commence with an in-depth and thorough consultation prior to the treatment taking place. We need to determine the client’s lifestyle, medical background and a clear understanding of their expectations of the treatment.

The client is fully involved in the procedure at each stage. This begins with on the day of the procedure a colour consultation, by applying pigments to the forehead to see how the colour sits on the skin. At this point consideration is given to the clients face structure, and also as to where the brows should be positioned on the face.

Client comfort is of paramount importance throughout the procedure. Numbing agents are applied to the skin prior to the infusion process taking place.

Again, prior to the infusion process, a look is pre-drawn on to the face using conventional makeup products. This is to give a visual of how the suggested shape looks, and for the client to see and agree the shape prior to the procedure. Only once the client is happy do we proceed.

The infusion process is carried out using an electronic hand piece which is traced precisely over the predrawn shape. Clients may experience some discomfort during the process, it is often described as scratchy or similar to having brows threaded. Every clients experience will differ dependent on their tolerance levels of discomfort.

The actual process itself will give clients the effect of natural looking brows by creating ultra-fine delicate hair strokes. These delicate hair strokes are used to blend seamlessly with the natural brow. The technique is designed to provide clients with the ultimate eyebrow.

The timing of the process is between 2 – 2 ½ hours; a complimentary tune up is offered 4 – 12 weeks following the initial procedure.