What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is the infusion of medical grade pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigments are sterile, safe and hypoallergenic. The procedure is designed to replicate a realistic, natural and perfectly applied makeup.

Permanent makeup is also referred to as: -

  • Micropigmentation
  • Semi-permanent makeup
  • Intradermal cosmetics
  • Cosmetic tattooing

Permanent cosmetics is another form of tattooing and is used for the application of eyebrow enhancements – hair simulation.

Permanent OR Semi-permanent

The procedure is considered to be permanent in that the implanted pigment will not entirely disappear. There may be a residue of pigment in the skin for a lifetime. Fading of the procedure will occur, and will require maintenance treatments to keep the appearance fresh. It is suggested this should be between 12 – 18 months maximum.

The treatment does not have the permanency of a regular tattoo, as the pigment is not inserted as deeply into the skin. Your permanent makeup is designed to fade. The fading process can be anything up to two or three years.

Who can benefit from Permanent makeup

  • Sufferers of alopecia
  • Anyone who has had hair –loss due to chemotherapy
  • Those with little or sparse hair growth
  • Active people with little time to spare and want to look at their best throughout the day with minimal effort
  • Address any symmetry issues

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