Make-up can transform how a person feels about themselves. It can turn the most timid model into the boldest, a blushing bride into the most confident and a birthday girl into a superstar.

Simply put ­- getting the right look is one of the best ways to unleash a person’s self-belief and beauty. And the only way to do that is by working in partnership with a client. I spend time getting to know the people I work with. I find out what they want and why they want it. From there inspiration comes and the desired look is achieved.

Studying art and fashion at college made me realise that make up was one of the best ways to express creativity. The face is a blank canvas on which you can create almost anything and my interest in fashion inspires the looks I create, the colours I use. I also use my knowledge to write articles for the London based fashion publication Hope Street magazine as their online beauty contributor.

After studying at The Academy of Make Up Scotland and working for MAC Cosmetics I launched my own business. Since then I have created looks for fashion shoots, including numerous shoots for Obscure Couture, with up-and-coming professional photographers and on advertising campaigns.  Most recently working with Anna Freemantle for Zero Waste Scotland. My credits include working as an associate artist to BBC Scotland on Mrs Browns Boys, BBC3 Badults, The Review Show and Children in need. Online I can be seen as a contributing artist to providing makeup tutorials and articles. In the near future I have been invited as a guest contributor on Glasgow city TV introducing The Lipstick Lounge.

I’ve worked with beauty queens, brides, and with clients who simply want to look beautiful at birthday and anniversary celebrations and on nights out with friends.

Simply put I love what I do. I love having the freedom to create something beautiful. I feel privileged to work with such a diverse range of people, creating looks for both women and men. I’m constantly challenging myself by undertaking courses in London and other Mac Pro courses.

Make up is my passion and seeing the delight on a client’s face when their look is unveiled is what drives me forward.

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