Elevate Your Style with SLS Nail Studio – Where Artistry Meets Precision

Stacey Leigh Spalding here, your trusted makeup artist of over 12 years and I am beyond excited to share some incredible news with you as I take on a new role as a Manicurist at SLS Studio!

Tramway Experience of Design:

My artistic journey, rooted in my background at Art School, provides a unique lens through which I approach design. This opens up endless possibilities to evolve and deliver the SLS Signature Style for 2024.

Back to Beginnings:

Reconnecting with my roots in artistry, I bring precision, art and design to the world of manicures. This venture is a heartfelt return to where it all began – allowing me to infuse my artistic touch into the world of nails.


At SLS Studio, it’s not just about nails; it’s about nailing the fundamentals. The devil is in the detail as we craft next-level manicures to fine art standards, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience for each of our clients.

Timeless Shades:

Our palette is a celebration of timeless elegance and style. From chic nudes to bold pillar-box reds and opulent platinum and golds for bridal nails, our colours tell stories. Elevate your nail game with our curated selection of shades that speak volumes.

Bringing the SLS Signature Style to Your Fingertips:

Get ready for a nail transformation like no other! We’re thrilled to introduce the SLS Nail Studio experience. Stay tuned for exciting updates and be part of this fabulous journey with us.

In the meantime, explore our website for a sneak peek into the magic that awaits your fingertips.

Elevate your style. Elevate your nails. Elevate with SLS Nail Studio.

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